Security and Environment Promotion Prize

 Security and Environment Promotion Prize


2018 – 2019

  2019 – 2020



Ryder has been honored with "National Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprise Security and Environmental Protection”

We are honored to once again receive the industry's most prestigious award, the "National Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprises - Security and Environmental Protection Encouragement Award" sponsored by the Shenzhen Association of Foreign Invested Enterprises.


This award is being the endorsement to individuals in recognition of their significant contribution or dedicated public and community services with the main criteria are:

  • Abide by the Work Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and the environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China
  • Have well-established safety and environmental protection management system
  • Have Safety and environmental protection departments
  • Have Certified safety engineer
  • Regularly participate in safety accident emergency training and drills
  • No injury or injury accident of grade 4 or above occurred within the past year
  • No safety accident has occurred in the past year, and no criminal or administrative punishment has been occurred because of safety, health, and environmental protection


Ryder has been committed to sustainability.  We look at the subject not only from an environmental perspective but includes its workforce and the people who live in the communities in which it operates. It is dedicated to the nurturing of its team through training, development, and internal promotions.


We are as ethically and environmentally conscious as any manufacturer that can be found in the west.  Like all other partnerships, in the west and further afield, it is down to the outsourcing company to vet potential partners to see if they are compatible with their own values.  Manufacturing in China still offers a lot of advantages, especially on cost and access to strong supply chains in today's market.  Companies like Ryder ensure that those benefits can still be gained, but not at the expense of sustainability.