Ryder and the State

The world gets smaller every day:

Ryder's customers come from every corner of the globe. Economic connectivity drives international standards, but nothing beats local knowledge.

For smooth export of finished goods, as well as import of raw materials, an EMS must achieve a high standing as a company that proactively complies with the letter and the spirit of the regulations, national laws and local operations. Context is crucial, and Ryder's physical context is China, our roots here are deep. Our customers do not worry about having to negotiate complicated differences in the business environment – they know we are a well-connected and safe a pair of hands:

Ryder has excellent relations with the Chinese authorities at Central, Provincial, City and Local level, our status is one of a trusted partner, as evidenced the number official endorsements we have received:

AA Enterprise certification This system rewards companies with impeccable customs and business records with expedited customs processing – Ryder's certification is the highest possible, meaning that our trucks carrying your products pass through a special no-inspection priority lane, when shipping and when receiving.

Recognition Award for industrial employee safety, acknowledging Ryder's unrelenting focus on this crucial aspect of our business. With over 74 plastic injection machines, 55 assembly lines and nine SMT production lines, Ryder considers industrial safety first and foremost - this has been institutionalised.

Recognition award for economic performance and tax compliance Our good reputation means a lot to us, it also translates into tangible business benefits including reduced site inspections and swift and vigorous local government support of our corporate initiatives, such as new buildings.

Ryder is an active member of local and national Chambers of Commerce, such as the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI) and the Shenzhen Association of Enterprise with Foreign Investment (SAEFI). These forums cement crucial relationships and build best practice within our industry; we are proud to have regularly been recognized by our peers with various awards for:

  • Leading the way in waste reduction
  • Excellent economic performance
  • Exceptional employee care

Ryder's status as an preferred employer is good for our people, and even better for our customers:

  • Employee buy-in means that Ryder's customer focused values are wholehearted shared and made real by our people.
  • In manufacturing, every stage is now open to scrutiny: consumer led demands for ethically produced goods are challenges we face, and rise to: with Ryder, you know care is taken every step of the way.

For us, these are not 'feel good' matters. Our connections give our customers 'insider status', wherever they are from.