Our target markets are all fundamentally innovative enterprises and tech companies.

We understand that our customers have a need for:
  • A more innovative outsourcing solution (design partner, NPI to production, low-cost migration/hybrid solution, supply chain security)
  • Lower production volumes with a higher level of customisation
  • Complex mechanical and system assembly
  • High-level assembly (HLA)
  • Lower to Medium Volume Production is the key, and a necessary step before mass commercialisation. We are the manufacturing link to innovation and scale.
  • We are a market sector diversified manufacturer that serves customers with high-mix product lines and requirements
  • We understand the product complexity, technology needs and market dynamics that will impact our customers' business
  • We bring all our market and technology experience into play to deliver low-cost and high-quality solutions to customers
  • We have developed our skills and know-how in a broad range of technologies required for diverse industries
  • We can help customers to stay competitive in evolving markets and grow with them for further success

Ryder's expertise covers the following industry segments:

  • RF
  • Home Appliances
  • Home Audio
  • Precision Controllers
  • Sports and Hobbies
  • Automotive
  • Industrial

We are particularly skilled at servicing North America and Europe, due to our infra­structure, extensive quality certifications and efficient communication skills.

We currently serve leading brand names in Audio, Consumer Electronics, Safety and Security Devices and all things IoT.