About us

At Ryder Industries we deal with small and large brands, delivering everything from innovation, to volume...

...from board assembly, to complex mechatronics and much more. Our modern leadership means we make decisions based on our customers and the industry's needs in a proactive, accessible and agile way.

Robust solutions ranging from simple CM to full turnkey, small to medium volumes (3,500 employees in two plants, 3 hours apart - by high speed train). When needed, we are a gateway to product design and component sourcing. We are vertically integrated, and our production transitions are seamless because our equipment, software and systems are integrated, offering complete traceability and transparency back to batch.

Our customer-focused organisation structure is designed to understand and empathise with customers in depth, meeting their speed-to-market, time-in-market, and time-in-profit needs. We enable our customers to be more competitive by bringing innovative solutions to market faster, with a commitment to quality in everything we do.

We are all about the collaborative journey through our EMS+ model and long-term partnership.

Partner for success. Partner for tomorrow. Ryder | Together we make it.