Voice of our customer

Paul Dunlop - Projects Manager

"In my opinion, clear, concise and open communications is Ryder's strong point and an advantage over the other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that I've worked with.  Information is frequent and transparent and a credit to the teams and company."

Jay Tillson - Chief Operating Officer / Chief Technical Officer

"Through previous experience, Ryder had already demonstrated the robust and process orientated quality systems that they have in place.


Their manufacturing facilities are well-organized and reflect continuous consistent efforts to maintain outstanding quality policies and procedures


In Marshalls, we finalized our product design and handed over to Ryder to manufacture as per specification and forecast.  For this project Ryder has been involved in many aspects including implementation of the design, development, and enhancement of packaging from Marshall's original concept, adding value throughout the production lifecycle.


Ryder has provided an exemplary service to us, we are satisfied with the attention to detail on every single request. Sometimes, Ryder improve our manufacturing process and they come to us first with any issues, before they snowball, this is reassuring for all parties in the supply chain."