Voice of our customer

Nathan Meryash, CTO

"This is the first product from Keen Home.  It's a wirelessly controlled smart vent.  It is a solution for central air problems.  Homes in North America have predominantly central air for heating and cooling, we believe that the market size is approx. 90 million homes where the air is carried from a central location through ductwork.

 Nobody had made an electronic wireless vent before, certainly not at scale, so you can's go to a manufacturer who has a whole building dedicated to building this type of product.  It just doesn's exist.

We work in conjunction with the development process with Ryder. How do we build it quickly? How do we build it economically? How do we build it with quality in mind? This is where we've worked directly with Ryder, to take it from one to many.

When you work with a manufacturer that is the right size to be flexible, you can do things that are different."