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About us

"Swiss precision and Chinese scale" is what we aspire to provide to our customers.
40 years old and still growing, Ryder Industries nourishes decades-long relationships with a string of well-regarded brands in North America and Europe.

Swiss-owned, it cares that its culture and values reflect the founders and owners'.
Integrity is our top value. It starts with nurturing and fiercely protecting our customers' intellectual property, follows through to quality of development and production, and to on-time delivery.

Ryder: our integrity is our honour.


On top of its core electronics manufacturing processes, Ryder has built vertically: a design & development front-end, a comprehensive range of other manufacturing processes, and extensive test know-how and equipment.

Our customer-dedicated teams are a particular strength: finely attuned to the customer, constantly listening to the big picture as well as the operational details, your team lives and breathes with your company, the customer.

Together we make it happen.


Resilient, well-resourced, well-managed and on-time-delivery (OTD) are terms that are regularly used to describe Ryder's master process: manufacturing.

Ryder's vertical integration supports high quality and quick delivery: we are all in the same company, we go out of our way to support our common goals. So SMT works with Plastics, who work with assembly, who work with Packaging, and all work with Supply Chain.
With two very different labour pools at our disposal, we can rapidly scale up and down our output.

Together we make it for you and your own customers.

Design & development

An increasingly important part of the OEM-EMS team¬work, this is a key success factor of growing importance for our customers.

Ryder recognises this, and places experienced, well-equipped Program, Electronics, Firmware and Mechanical Engineering at its customers' disposal. One of the great strengths of this solution is that they are on the spot to nurse a new product through into mass production; they work with Procurement on component selection for price and reliable supply. Time to Market and Cost of Goods benefit.

Together we design it.


The bulk of Ryder's business is with North America and Europe, where we have a string of decades-long relationships. The principal industries that we serve are Internet of things (IoT) in its many forms, audio and specialty.

Customers are typically in the range US$ 20 – 500 million range, with whom we have long-term, satisfying business relationships. Plus younger companies in whom Ryder perceives particular promise.

Together we serve our customers and their own customers.


Robust: two fully-equipped plants, 5 hours apart. The tech heavy plant is on the coast in Shenzhen, and low-cost one is inland. Together they total 2500 people, running:

  • 8 SMT lines;
  • over 100 plastic injection machines;
  • tool design and making.

Plus design & development, closely allied with quality and supply chain.
Integration cuts out the middleman, speeding teamwork and strengthening clarity.
Both plants are extensively ISO-certified, and designed to environmental principles.

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