MJ Choong

Vice President, Quality & Operation Excellence

Improving all aspects of Ryder's operations, leading skilled professionals to projects that yield maximum benefits.

MJ Choong joined Ryder group in July 2014 as Vice President, running Ryder's Inland Plant.

In 2017 he stepped up into his corporation-wide role, the top manufacturing and infrastructure trouble-shooter in Ryder Industries.

MJ has a key role in shaping our vision of future manufacturing operations, working directly with the CEO and Chairman.

MJ Choong has over the last twenty years held key manufacturing operational positions at various EMS companies. They include NatSteel Electronics, Flex, and Jabil. MJ Choong has a track record of turning around underperforming manufacturing businesses, like the Greenfield operation in Malaysia and China. He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics.

Throughout his career, he has implemented policies and procedures that have produced sustainable results in the areas of quality, cost containment, and product succession.