Ryder at Shanghai Prolight + Sound Fair

Team Ryder at Prolight + Sound Trade Fair - Shanghai

Prolight + Sound Shanghai is such an important event for our industry, and is always a highlight in the Ryder calendar.  It showcases all the very latest entertainment technologies. This year the Ryder team enjoyed every minute because we got to proudly demonstrate Ryder's capabilities in person.

R&D capabilities and Engineering Services Support - in the Ryder booth, our team was abuzz, meeting with many current and potential customers, and sharing our expertise and knowledge in audio engineering and manufacturing.

One encounter that nimbly illustrated Ryder's expertise in this area was when the team met a new international customer who was visiting the Prolight show for the very first time.  The customer was surprised by the size of the event and a little overwhelmed.  They were very interested in entering the Asian market, and in particular the Chinese market, since both are growing rapidly and offer enormous potential.  As a direct result of their visit and their conversations with the Ryder team, they are now developing a strategy for entry into the Chinese market.  The customer will need a qualified contract manufacturer to provide them with large-scale, high-quality products; and the Ryder team were able to offer valuable input regarding distributor selection, as well as information about Ryder's own engineering and manufacturing capabilities.  As we do with all our customers, we look forward to a long-term partnership that helps them to grow and succeed.

Since 2003, Prolight + Sound Shanghai has been held jointly by Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd and Messe Frankfurt.  The extensive trade fair provides an exciting and professional trading platform for audio and lighting segments, entertainment systems and event technology.  It supports relevant companies in their efforts to further promote their international sales and helps them to gain a foothold in the Chinese market.  It is truly an international event, with exhibitors, and potential customers, coming from all over the world.

Team Ryder is very experienced in helping current and new customers navigate the show and acquire new expertise.  Ryder offers advanced manufacturing capabilities for microphones, synthesizers, DJ controllers, and electronic keyboards, among others.

Much like Prolight + Sound Shanghai is a joint venture between Chinese and European companies, Ryder is known for its Swiss Precision / Chinese Scale.  Since entering the audio industry 20 years ago, Ryder has been providing engineering and manufacturing services for key products, such as digital mixers and power amplifiers, to a number of top brands.

Ryder has established a reputation for quality, and the Customer Focus team provides timely, barrier-free communication with our customers, as well as specific, personalized services.  Since recent enhancements to the engineering team in 2018, the Ryder engineering division has elevated their level of service, and the Joint Design Manufacturing service enables customers to focus on expanding their market, while Ryder works with them to provide stable, reliable product supply services.