Intellectual Property in Safe Hands

Ryder Industries on why it helps to think like your customer when it comes to critical factors such as Intellectual Property.

Henry Wu - CEO
Ryder Industries started out in life as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), transitioning through success, to become an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS), therefore they know, more than most EMS companies, why protecting your IP matters.

World Intellectual Property Day (WIPO) is held annually on 26th April to promote the role that intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright) play in encouraging innovation and creativity.

Intellectual Property (IP) is a key business asset.  It turns creative ideas, innovative designs, and other intangible business factors into valuable business assets that may contribute significantly to the attractiveness, value, and position of the original designer/concept owner.

IP protection has been part of Ryder Industries' DNA since its foundation in 1979 as an OEM. Ryder's engineers accomplished a series of ground-breaking technological innovations in the fields of computer chess and strategy games, and later in the field of PC flight simulation controllers under its Saitek brand. Proprietary innovations were intrinsic to Ryder's success, and the IP associated with them was precious.

This history provides Ryder with a unique perspective, and an instinctive understanding of the value its customers place on the safeguarding of their IP. This mission critical element is one that many other EMS companies within the region may not anticipate or satisfy.


At Ryder Industries, every employee is responsible for:

  • Developing and securing IP assets and ensuring that the entrusted IP assets of partners are never disclosed without proper authorisation and permission
  • Maintaining confidentially of partners proprietary information


Ryder enjoys longstanding relationships with leading brand names such as Boa, Blackstar Amplification, Silicon Labs, Fender and Harman (now a Samsung company), and many more brand aware, blue-chip companies. These relationships add credibility and give concrete evidence of Ryder Industries' non-disclosure practices.  Organisations like these simply would not partner with an EMS provider if it posed any risk at all to their highly prized IP. Ryder Industries has maintained the confidence of these partners for more than 15 years.

CJ Lim, VP Corporate Supply Chain and Key Account Management, Ryder Industries comments:

"Intellectual property is at the foundation of the basic service we provide for our customers.  Differentiation in the provision of our design, development and distribution services is the key to enabling cost-effective products and services to the market quickly.  This is the basis of our value to our loyal customers.

There is a clear trend of increased patent litigation, both in the number of lawsuits and the number of defendants, with damages accumulating to over $20 billion in the last decade.  As a company in the innovation and technology space, Ryder Industries has both a stake in the defence of our own IP, as well as exposure to such litigation, therefore we take measured steps to safeguard us, and our partners.

For Ryder Industries, IP is at the centre of everything we do.  Every product starts with an idea, and fulfilling that product to its maximum potential worldwide is a core element of our success.

 This might mean the protection of IP, or supporting the development of IP for our worldwide customer base through the hundreds of engineers we employ within our two manufacturing locations, Shenzhen and Xinfeng. 

 Our focus on IP is evident from the amount of design for development and New Product Introduction (NPI) work that we take part in, which encourages the advancement of new concepts, from idea to product, in a safe and secure environment. At this stage of the production lifecycle, our customers have access to all kinds of state of the art equipment.  Our 9 SMT lines have the latest technology and reflect the lines used in mass production, test and development equipment like 3D printers, In-Circuit Testers and the latest lab and environmental chambers.

 Innovation goes into our facilities, and products come out, all securely protected from any IP risk.

 Across our harmonised sites, we take the protection of IP very seriously.  Often, we manufacture products before it is released to the public, we, therefore, take the utmost care to ensure that when the design is launched, it is the first time anyone outside of the OEM and Ryder Industries see it.

 Ryder Industries cares about Intellectual Property every day, and embraces Intellectual Property Day."


Henry Wu, CEO of Ryder Industries confirms CJ's views:

"Customers feel confident when they work with Ryder Industries, as they are secure in the knowledge that their IP is protected.  We have transitioned from 100% brand to 100% EMS, which is unique.  As we were a brand, we appreciate the importance of asset safety. We value the significance of our customers' IP and we pass all our past learnings onto our customers to avoid risk and conflict of interest.  We have processes and systems in place to protect all parties including non-disclosure agreements (NDA).  We also work in association with the Chinese government and the relevant legislative bodies to ensure transparency, safety and security. The Chinese economy is growing through the introduction of Chinese homegrown technology, and as a result, we are seeing a massive reduction in IP infringement. At Ryder industries, we invest to propel our partnership and we partner for the long-term.”

 You can learn more about the importance of Intellectual Property Protection to Ryder Industries by watching the short video above.