Ryder recognised as a great place to work

Ryder Industries Recognised for its Harmonious Employee Relations

Ryder Industries’ Xinfeng site was selected by the Chinese regional government to receive the Harmony Company of Employee Relations Award for 2019.  Of 400 companies who entered, Ryder was one of only 15 to win.

Some of the key criteria for this award assessed how a company works ethically with labor relations.  Ryder was awarded because they best met the following requirements and conditions.

  • Fair contracts – Ryder signs labor agreements with employees in accordance with regulations, establishes employee roster and labor contract management ledger, and the labor contract signing rate is substantial.
  • Employee care – Ryder has a compassionate management that provides good salaries, above standard living and dining conditions, rich cultural activity, and social insurance for employees such as pension, medical, maternity and unemployment insurance.
  • Employee rights – Ryder conscientiously implements labor protection measures, labor laws such as working hours, overtime, rest and vacations in accordance with regulations.  The right to know, to participate, to express and to supervise is fully protected.
  • Alliance – no major or group labor arbitration, litigation cases, group petition or group emergencies have occurred, and no major labor disputes have occurred.  Staff peace of mind and stability are key to Ryder, and recruitment meets the needs of production labor, with no serious labor shortage issues.
  • Employee empowerment – Ryder actively supports and cooperates with the employment department to carry out employment and poverty alleviation work.  Qualifying enterprises must endeavor to provide employment opportunities for poor rural workers and urban people with financial difficulties.

Setting such a strong foundation in employee relations is a crucial part of how Ryder was able to carry on so successfully through the pandemic.  Since management and the teams had already been working together and communicating, they were able to respond quickly and in a coordinated manner as soon as the crisis hit.

Ryder is known for being prepared – its theme of “Swiss Precision / Chinese Scale” applies to its entire process, blending attention to detail with the ability to flex manufacturing capabilities when needed.