Empowering Quality – Ryder Helps BOA Dial In

From Startup to $454 Million – BOA is Dialed in With Ryder’s Support and Collaboration

Creators of an elite high-performance fit system, BOA Technology went from startup to a nearly half-billion valuation in only 19 years.

In 2001, BOA created a revolutionary performance fit system that transformed how snowboarders “dialed in” their boots.  They picked Ryder as their partner to manufacture what would become a renowned performance fit system for athletes and eventually others.  BOA has remained with Ryder ever since, expanding their scope to 400 brand partners in several categories, including cycling, golf, trail, hiking, mountaineering, running, court sports, workwear, and medical. Now, as Compass Diversified has acquired a majority stake in BOA, Ryder will continue as their contract manufacturer.

“BOA’s disruptive, innovative and high-quality products are utilized by millions of consumers around the world, and we are pleased to partner with a true industry pioneer as the company builds upon its mission to advance human performance,” said Elias Sabo, CEO of Compass Diversified.

“From the very beginning, the relationship between BOA and Ryder was rooted in mutual trust and respect, and a desire for a long-term partnership that would be beneficial for both parties,” said Shawn Neville, Chief Executive Officer of BOA Technology. “Ryder understands that for them to be successful, their customers must be successful, and they work on our behalf.”

Ryder’s application of the “Swiss Precision – Chinese Scale” system is exemplified in its nearly 20-year relationship with BOA.  Since about 40% of the world’s footwear and headwear are currently made in China, particularly higher-end performance brands that partner with BOA, it made sense to locate manufacturing near BOA’s customers.

The unique patented BOA fit system calls for precise design and manufacturing requirements, including:

  • A close working relationship built on communication and trust
  • Competent engineering at both business partners
  • A supply chain that meshes the most exacting details, from shoe brands through BOA through Ryder to the raw material supplier
  • Precision manufacturing:
    • Precision in plastic (tooled and injected in-house) and metal mechanics
    • Precise colour control – BOA products feature approximately 250 standard colours
    • Robotic assembly

Working closely with BOA, Ryder has been able to deliver an over 99% On-Time Delivery rate with virtually no defects and remarkably short resupply lead times.

BOA continues to expand its dynamic range of applications, and Ryder is investing in skills and equipment alongside BOA. As BOA enters a new phase that looks to offer even more opportunities and markets, both companies are looking forward to next steps, and are “Dialed in” to perform at their peak!