Commits to Gender Parity

Ryder Industries

Commits to Gender Parity and Inclusion for International Women's Day

With a focus on creating a fair and inclusive work environment, Ryder Industries is committed to supporting gender parity and empowering women to achieve their potential.

In support of International Women's Day, Ryder Industries is proud to showcase our ongoing efforts to promote gender parity and inclusion in our workplace. We believe that creating a fair, inclusive, and balanced work environment is not only the right thing to do, but it also benefits our business and our employees. Here are some of the initiatives we have implemented to support gender parity:

Equal Opportunities and Anti-discrimination:

  • We have a "no gender discrimination" policy for all positions and recruitment.
  • We have an "Anti-discrimination Policy" to ensure female candidates have equal opportunities during the interview process.
  • We offer equal pay for equal work, with no gender pay gap.

Work-Life Balance and Career Development:

  • We practice the concept of "the balance of work and life" and provide a clear career development path for all employees.
  • We provide various training and learning opportunities to attract candidates with high potential, including women.
  • We have related regulations about prevention for sexual harassment to provide a safe working environment for female employees.
  • We provide tailor-made personal development plans and training courses for middle and top management, including management coaching, change leadership, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • We offer female employee benefits, including maternity leave and maternity insurance.
    • We provide maternity insurance for female employees, allowing them to take free maternity checks.

Inclusive Culture and Collaboration:

  • Our management committee members are international, which creates a foundation for an inclusive and diversified culture.
  • Our six core values guide us in creating a fair working environment, in which we respect and trust each other.
  • We have a "one team" that collects suggestions from all departments to create a united and collaborative culture.
  • We offer work from home options where relevant and possible.
  • We prepare gifts for women on Women's Day and organize parent-child activities on Mother's Day.

At Ryder Industries, we are committed to creating a workplace where all employees, regardless of gender, feel valued, respected, and empowered to achieve their potential. We believe that by promoting gender parity and inclusion, we can build a stronger, more diverse, and more successful company.