Environmental Policies & Practices

Environmental Policies & Practices

We don’t own the world, we protect it for our children, and our children’s children.

Held in critical acclaim by the Chinese Government for their Environmental policies and initiatives, Ryder Industries discusses its green enterprises to educate all.

Ryder Industries is an Electronic Manufacturing Service provider (EMS) headquartered in Hong Kong, with two manufacturing facilities in Southern China, Shenzhen and Xin Feng.

The company has had a presence in China since 1979, and since its conception, they have expanded their capacity to reach over 1,000,000 sq. ft of operational floor space, invested in nine state-of-the-art SMT lines, and have become an employer of choice by recruiting over 2,500 skilled industry experts.

A contributing factor to the company’s successful expansion has been the ability to not only work in harmony with the Chinese Government but to become a company that this influential body looks towards as a role model due to their pioneering green initiatives.  Ryder Industries sustainability methods have been held up as best practice examples for other multinational organisations looking to develop on the surrounding land in Xin Feng, something that the management team within Ryder Industries are incredibly proud of.

Mr. Tong, General Manager of Ryder Industries, Xin Feng, commented; “I have been with Ryder Industries for over ten years.  We commenced operations in Xin Feng with only ten people, and during this time, we’ve grown to over 1,000 team members.  The company has had fast and steady growth, and we are all incredibly proud to have been part of this amazing transformational journey.   It was mandatory for us to be accredited to ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management, and we have been certified in this area since 2004.