Jeff Chan

Financial Controller

Managing the finances of three corporations in widely spaced locations, devising and applying financial policies, leading Ryder’s IT into the next generation.

Jeff Chan joined Ryder in 2019 as Financial Controller.

Jeff Chan understands that the role of Financial Controller is crucial when it comes to adding value and protecting the financial strength of a company.  Whilst the conventional accounting and fiscal functions are integral, Jeff sees his role as being embedded in operational departments.  This will be decisive in delivering growth for Ryder; purposeful pace, with prudent financial control.

Prior to joining Ryder, Jeff worked in international accounting firms as a tax and audit professional.  He spent 20 years working with multinational companies in Hong Kong and China.  Thanks to this experience he is very knowledgeable about a diverse range of manufacturing sectors, from precise plastic products and houseware industries, to the more complex EMS business.

Jeff graduated from City University of Hong Kong in 1995 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, going on to earn an EMBA in 2002.  He is now a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, an Associate Member of the Hong Kong Institution of Certified Public Accountants, a Certified Tax Advisor, and an Associate Member of the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong.