Intellectual Property

IP protection has been part of Ryder Industries’ DNA since its foundation in 1979 as an OEM.

Ryder’s engineers accomplished a series of ground-breaking technological innovations in the fields of computer chess and strategy games, and later in the field of PC flight simulation controllers under its Saitek brand. Proprietary innovations were intrinsic to Ryder’s success, and the IP associated with them was precious.

Your Intellectual Property in Safe Hands – Our CEO Henry Wu will tell you more.

This history provides Ryder with a unique perspective and an instinctive understanding of the value its customers place on safeguarding their IP. This mission-critical element is one that many other EMS companies within the region may not anticipate or satisfy.

At Ryder Industries, every employee is responsible for:

  • Developing and securing IP assets and ensuring that the entrusted IP assets of partners are never disclosed without proper authorisation and permission
  • Maintaining confidentially of partners proprietary information

Ryder enjoys longstanding relationships with leading brand names such as Boa, Blackstar Amplification, Silicon Labs, Fender, Harman (now a Samsung company), and many more brand aware, blue-chip companies. These relationships add credibility and give concrete evidence of Ryder Industries non-disclosure practices.  Organisations like these simply would not partner with an EMS provider if it posed any risk at all to their highly prized IP. Ryder Industries has maintained the confidence of these partners for more than 15 years.