Case Study --- The Ryder Weather Forecast Module
  • Whether you are waking up to work or a quick jog, chances are you will check the weather before you step outdoors. Precise weather information can be invaluable to you and your family, and now it can be easily available with the Ryder Weather Forecast module!
  • While publicly available weather information can be checked via TV channels or the internet, the Ryder module can provide you with precise data measured in your locality – which will be useful if you live in a large, spread-out city, or a small town without a local forecast.
  • The module is stamp-sized, measuring just one square inch. It communicates with your embedded controllers using the common I2C buss. A precise forecasting algorithm is built in and the information can be displayed graphically or by charms and voices, or it can communicate with other devices via radio frequency links, to control your home equipment for optimum energy savings and comforts.
  • The Ryder Weather Forecast module monitors the continually changing air pressure, temperature and humidity and provides the information in your preferred formats. It gives the Max/Min readings, and will project the weather for the next two days, optionally providing audio or visual warnings with its continual monitoring functions
  • The module is highly flexible and configurable. Our sales and engineering teams will be delighted to answer any questions about your applications, and will be available to provide you with prompt solutions.