Case Study --- 2.4GHz Audio Streaming Module
  • Digital Audio has become a regular part of our daily life. This technology allows you to organize, share, and enjoy your audio library within the household without losing the intrinsic details of your music, while wireless transmission unleashes you from the hassle of wires.
  • Ryder has developed a ready-to-use Digital Audio solution which can be easily adapted to your applications: our 2.4GHz Audio streaming module is in a small PCB assembly that can be embedded in most designs. Unlike most Bluetooth devices, the Ryder module can be connected to four stereo channels simultaneously, up to a range of 300 feet in radius.
  • Use the Ryder module to share your music throughout multiple rooms in the household, including the patio, and all without wires. Enjoy the added freedom you get with a pair of wireless headphones. You can also hook up the rear speakers of your home theatre without wires, and put them in set-top boxes for wireless connections. The module can be used for reliable permanent connections such as a home theater, or temporarily for a pool-side barbeque over the weekend – setup is easy without the wires!
  • Ryder’s Audio streaming module communicates on the 2.4GHz ISM band which can be used in most countries without special licenses. Strong interference immunity is expected with the module’s self-adaptive frequency-hopping design; minimal interference to and from other devices and the human body is ensured.
  • The size of the module is small and its electrical requirement is low. The application – is up to your imagination!