Eric Winkler

  • Eric Winkler
    Founder and Chairman of the Board
  • Eric Winkler founded Ryder (then SciSys) in Hong Kong in 1979, and ran it for the next twenty eight years, presiding over dramatic transformations in the company’s business, and growing it into a multinational with group companies in five countries across three continents. In 1994, the company acquired Europe’s biggest chess computer manufacturer at the time, the publicly-listed German firm Hegener + Glaser AG, and Eric moved to Munich to oversee its integration into the group. Two years later, he relocated to the UK to establish the PC Peripherals operation. Eric stepped down as Group CEO in 2007 upon the divestment of the branded products division, to become Ryder's non-executive chair.
  • Eric’s career with Ryder has spanned a period of rapid evolution in the consumer electronics industry, and has taken him to vastly differing business environments across the globe. Throughout, he has oriented his management approach around a commitment to sincerity and openness, and to nurturing dreams and visions within the company. Direct contact with customers, and understanding the market through their needs, have always been a source of motivation to him, as has an enthusiasm for computing and technology. He takes a keen interest in the engineering of the products, and wherever possible, has involved himself closely in the quality process.
  • A Swiss, Eric was born in Hong Kong, earned his MSc in Physics from ETH Zürich, and spent five years researching condensed-state physics at the University of Sussex, England. Eric now resides in the UK. Eric is married with two daughters. In his spare time he enjoys keeping up with science, mountaineering, music and early history.