Support for young people
  • Support for young people


Ryder believes that supporting young people in their communities should not be restricted to ensuring they have access to basic equiment, as  important as that is. Exposure to inspirational new experiences can change the direction of a young person’s life.

Since 2011, Ryder has funded a scholarship programme in partnership with Opera Hong Kong



This programme allows 12 children from poor families in Hong Kong to receive regular choral training and a summer camp. It gives them the rare chance to be a part of exciting productions.


Recent yeild annalysis of this programme shows the children the children enjoyed the experience immensely.They have shown improvements in the following areas:


    •  Responsibility

    •  Leadership

    •  Cooperation

    •  Communication with people

    •  Learning Attitude

    •  Initiative

    •  Music Knowledge

    •  Interest in performance

    •  Artistic expression


Support for those affected by illness


Sucessful, well managed, companies like Ryder stimulate development in our communities, powering them towards greater success by creating opportunies for those who work with us.


It is vitally important that we strive to use our success to also help those most in need.


Ryder is proud of it association with The Leprosy Project  of Sichuan


The project covers nine leprosy villages. There are approximately 1,700 villagers in these villages, of whom 440 are affected by leprosy.

The main aims are:


    •  to improve the early detection of leprosy,

    •  to prevent the disease and

    •  to provide training and self help guidance to them

    •  There are programmes covering psychological and social rehabilitation, economic rehabilitation and education in addition to medical and health care