School Assistance Programme

Ryder forges a link with the local community by supporting a school


Programme background


  • As the company grows steadily, Ryder's staff members have been working to build a friendly and compassionate corporate culture which extends throughout the company and into the local community. Based on this ethos, Ryder has established an outreach programme to support a primary school in Jiang Xi province, close to the location of the Ryder manufacturing plant. This is a school which we discovered has severe limits to its educational resource and facilities.  


Assistance plan


  • To learn the exact needs of the school and see what we could do, we made a visit in December 2011 to hold discussions with the teachers and students. These discussions established a series of goals towards which Ryder will provide support, helping the school build a better environment for the children to grow up in. Our Assistance Plan goals include the following.

 For the students

  • ‐ Build an Information Room and equip it with computers and books, providing knowledge resources in     literature, arts and science to broaden the children’s vision.
  • ‐ Set up scholarships for students who are outstanding in both academic studies and teamwork.
  • ‐ Provide Psychological Counselling courses.
  • ‐ Provide volunteer teachers to assist with English teaching.
  • ‐ Organise after-class activities for students.
  • ‐ Provide financial assistance and/or psychological support to students in particular need.
  • ‐ Organise volunteer activities for students.

For the teachers

  • ‐ Help the school staff to organise competitions and special activities for the students.
  • ‐ Provide team building training to enhance the cohesiveness of the school staff.
  • ‐ Exchange ideas on English teaching and other English learning activities such as English corner and     English speech competition.