Talent Career Development Plan
  • Ryder's Dragon Plan Leadership Programme
  • Ryder has embarked on a new scheme to bring the forefront of management science into the company, nurturing the future generation of leaders.
  • Leadership is a complicated task. The leader must thoroughly understand the organisation, its market and the industry as a whole, but must also be proficient in the intricate interpersonal skills required to guide individuals and integrate them into successful teams. He or she must be able to flexibly respond to different personalities in the group, as well as being able to facilitate harmonious cooperation between them. All the while, the leader shoulders responsibility not only for his or her own motivation and performance, but for those of all the team-members he or she is in charge of.
  • No wonder, then, that leadership has been the subject of so much research in management science.
  • Ryder has always placed a high premium on effective teamwork and a happy and fulfilled workforce, of which good leadership is a key ingredient. Growth over recent years has brought us the opportunity to exploit developments in leadership science, using its insights and tools to nurture leadership potential amongst our staff, and build up skills and organisational capabilities for the long term.
  • The Ryder School
  • An exciting new project to build skills, implement strategic thinking and foster unity. The Ryder School: our very own corporate university.
  • What is a corporate university?
  • The corporate university is a neat invention. What is it, exactly? You can think of it as a system of learning programmes developed by a company for job-specific and company-specific education. It makes good sense because it allows training to be more structured, more targeted and more strategic in design and implementation, so that skill-development is adapted to present and future needs. Employees benefit from better-designed learning programmes and more opportunities to learn, and the company benefits from employees with highly relevant skills and knowledge.