Customer Comments

Boa Technology Inc.

 •  Gary Hammerslag - Chairman/Founder of Boa Technology

"From the very beginning, the relationship between Boa and Ryder was rooted in mutual trust and respect and a desire for a long term partnership that would be beneficial for both parties. Ryder understands that for them to be successful their customers must be successful and they work on our behalf."

 •  Mark Soderberg - CEO                                    

"Ryder is unique in their level of openness, honesty, and problem solving skill. If problems arise, they are quick to allow access to their experts in the topic, clearly define the issue, and track it through to solution. They continually seek feedback in an effort to constantly improve performance."

 •  Lonnie Thomsen - Operations Director                      

"Ryder has been a first class partner for more than 10 years, and our relationship is built on trust and a common desire for continuous improvement."

 •  Judy Feller- Director                                     

"Both Ryder and the third party inspection service have done a good job checking the quality of the products. We appreciate each order shipped as expected. Fanny lets us know the quantities and they have always matched exactly."


Marshall Amps

 •  Paul Dunlop - Projects Manager                            

"Delivery and shipments have been going pretty much to plan even with the valve issue that has affected production schedules. Our Export departments are happy with the cooperation and shipping documentation they are receiving."

"Communication is Ryder’s strong point and a big advantage over OEM’s I have to deal with. It is frequent and informative across the whole Ryder Project team and a credit to your company."                                            

 •  Jay Tillson - Chief Operating Officer / Chief Technical Officer       

Compass is a Californian high-tech enterprise, which has been working with Ryder since 2007. In September 2009, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Technical Officer Jay spoke with us about why he thought Ryder would be a good match for his company’s needs.

For Jay, quality is the primary factor in selection of the right manufacturing service provider.

"Ryder demonstrated to me they have good quality systems already in place," he said. Jay was impressed by what he saw on a visit to the factory, noting that the manufacturing facilities are well-organised and reflect consistent efforts to maintain outstanding quality policies and procedures, giving him confidence.

Jay's team finalized their product design and handed over to Ryder for the manufacturing to begin at the beginning of 2009. In this case, Ryder was involved with many aspects of the project, including implementation of the design, development and enhancement of packaging from the initial concept, and continuous improvement of process and procedure. Jay felt that Compass had derived excellent value from the relationship.

"Ryder has provided an exemplary service to us," he said. "We are satisfied with the attention to detail on every single request. Sometimes, Ryder even managed to improve details or talk to us about issues before we raised them."

Jay expects to see a speedy recovery of markets in 2010, giving Compass the opportunity to grow their business together with customers, potential licensers and Ryder.