Growth - the next stages

Ryder's Inland Site


A major step in the growth of our capacity


The new site

    Ryder has opened its new manufacturing facility.


    The new facility is located in Xinfeng county of Jiangxi province, about 450km (280 miles) north of Shenzhen.
    It is a fully vertically integrated manufacturing complex with plastic, SMT PCBA, cable harness and casing 
    assembly facilities, and with 40,000 sq. meters (430,000 sq. ft.) of floor space, enough to support the next 
    few years of growth. The evidence is that it is meeting its efficiency and environmental design goals and 
    enjoys the enthusiastic support of the local community.


Status and outlook

    Floor area: 40,074.37 ft2 (year for 2013); 274,033.84 ft2 (year for 2016)


Green Energy Saving System

  •     Ground source system
  •     Solar PV electrical system
  •     Solar thermal hot water system
  •     Grey water recycling and rain water harvesting







  •     SMT line
  •     COB
  •     Plastic injection
  •     Silkscreen and spray painting
  •     Cable Assembly line
  •     PCB Assembly lines












Worker Care – Sport Instrument

    What we have now

      - Basket ball court

      - Badminton court

      - Table tennis

      - Jogging pavement


    What we plan to have                      

      - Gymnastic apparatus

      - Chess room

      - Reading room