Tony Tong

  • Tony Tong (Tong Wen Quan)
    General Manager, Xinfeng Plant
  • Tony Tong joined Ryder as Assistant to CEO-MD in July 2008, and has played a key role in the development of plans for a new plant in Xinfeng, Jiangxi Province. Tony is a native of Jiangxi, with sixteen years’ experience of working in Guangdong, a combination which has been a great asset to his leadership of Ryder's expansion into the inner provinces.
  • Before joining Ryder, Tony worked with Solectron Corporation Fuyong Technology Co. Ltd. as Program Manager, where his operation was responsible for 70 percent of company revenues. Tony has experience of a wide range of professional roles, in education and the state sector, as well as in the private sector. He has a particularly strong background in quality control, and has been in several management positions. He has worked with five multinationals, previous to Ryder. He is also proud of having worked as a farmer in the countryside.
  • Tony holds a BA from Zhejiang University.