Raymond Lim

  • Raymond Lim (Lim Xi Zhang)
    Vice President, Operations of the Coastal Shenzhen Plant
  • In this role since January 2016, his main responsibilities are running this 1000-person plant, the design and implementation of policies to optimise costs and productivity and hence bringing higher value to Ryder’s customers. Raymond Lim joined in 2015 to run the Specialty and Consumer Products business unit.
  • Raymond Lim has rich prior EMS experience, with over 20 years in key positions within multinational companies Flextronics, Jabil Circuits and Venture Group. He has worked in major manufacturing locations across the USA, China, Indonesia and Singapore, specialising in high mix / low-volume industrial/network electronics, and most recently in automotive safety systems, where he led one of his teams to achieve the industry-recognised Ford Q1 certification.