Voice of our customer

BOA – a strategic customer for Ryder

We call ourselves an Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS), but we are really a Manufacturing Service Provider (MSP) with electronics as one of our component parts, and our relationship with BOA is a testament to that. There is no electronic heartbeat in this product! Watch our video to learn more.

Gary Hammerslag – Chairman/Founder of Boa Technology

“From the very beginning, the relationship between Boa and Ryder was rooted in mutual trust and respect, and a desire for a long-term partnership that would be beneficial for both parties. Ryder understands that for them to be successful, their customers must be successful, and they work on our behalf.”

Mark Soderberg – CEO

“Ryder is unique in their level of openness, honesty, and problem-solving skill. If problems arise, they are quick to allow access to their experts on the topic, clearly define the issue, and track it through to the solution. They continually seek feedback in an effort to constantly improve performance.”

Lonnie Thomsen – Director of Business Systems

“Ryder is a first-class partner and our relationship is built on trust and a common desire for continuous improvement.

Boa Technology has been a Ryder customer for more than 15 years and their conversion to Microsoft Dynamics AX last year has had major positive impacts since its implementation just over 1 year ago.  We have seen significant improvements in manufacturing visibility and on-time delivery in the last year.  The huge effort that Ryder undertook to convert to Dynamics AX continue to show great benefit and it is much appreciated!”

Judy Feller- Director

“Both Ryder and the third-party inspection service have done a good job checking the quality of the products. We appreciate each order shipped as expected. Fanny lets us know the quantities and they have always matched exactly.”