Supply Chain

We have two manufacturing facilities in Southern China. Shenzhen and Xinfeng.

  We are strategically situated in these regions and we have built up the in-house VI capabilities required to nurture and grow with our OEM partners.  We have invested our resources to build a locally sourced, robust supply chain network, which exists within a two-hour drive of the corridor between our two facilities.

We are situated in the perfect global location, not due to labour costs as those are comparative with other geographies now, but our global position has an overwhelming advantage in supply chain functionality and sourcing.   We are within a mere two-hour driving radius of our entire supply base.  We find everything we need within this two-hour ecosystem.  This enables us to be incredibly responsive to supply chain demands.  We are in close proximity to Hong Kong, which is an important logistical hub to serve China, with Shenzhen being easily accessible only a few hours drive South.

In general, we can have prototypes produced in 24 to 36 hours.  This is difficult to achieve in other manufacturing locations around the world.

In today’s competitive landscape, our OEM customers demand speed to market, as maximizing their time-in-market is a critical success factor.  In many environments, they need to launch their product first and keep to that sequence of events for all future generations, so speed to market matters.

Keeping the supply chain ‘nimble’ is our role, remit, and responsibility. This is paramount in our time-to-market, which directly helps our customer save costs and achieve a higher yield.

For Ryder, this means, managing materials from the supply chain base, through to the customer including; planning, procurement and logistics.


From receipt of the purchase order to final shipment, each process is tightly planned and managed within Ryder.

We focus on any changes arising during the cycle, including changes in customer demand and material supply, as well as market changes. Through this approach, we achieve a world-class response time, on-time delivery and flexibility.


With a professional and efficient procurement team, Ryder ensures cost competitiveness of all materials purchased.

Ryder regularly evaluates its material supply structure and purchase operation, reducing inventory risk and maintaining second-to-none supply flexibility and reliability. Meanwhile, the team keeps up with application and technology trends, so that it always has the most advanced systems at its disposal.

We focus on product cost control and continuous improvement. Our customer supply chain team will get involved at an early stage of each new project, together with our new project development engineers, to provide suggestions to customers about the right choice materials and suppliers.

Ryder will competently evaluate and manage all suppliers, whether from our own AVL, or the customer’s. At the same time, we can provide recommendations of suppliers who offer more in terms of price competitiveness, quality, supply and technology capabilities. Our goal is to help the customer attain better products and services.


Ryder has a professional and experienced logistics team to ensure the punctual arrival of materials, and delivery of finished goods to every location specified by the customer.

We strive to choose efficient and competitive transportation service providers and trace the whole logistics process. In addition, Ryder has built up a knowledge-base which helps it to facilitate the handling of customs and tax issues, and ensure customers’ shipments meet logistics regulations.