Operations in Shenzhen and Xinfeng, Southern China.

Once we have gone through the DFM process with our customers, their production line runs efficiently.  This effectively maximises yield for both parties.

Raymond Lin, VP Operations, discusses Operational Excellence, the Ryder way.

We are responsive and reliable, and by having design and manufacturing within a shared environment, we are proactive.  We can make changes quickly and adapt as per our customer’s fluctuating forecast demands, or product specification alterations.

We come together with a successful product for production. Together we make it.


Ryder Industries are transform customers ideas into fulfilled products, ready to be shipped to the end-user, with everything in between.

Between our two operations in Shenzhen and Xinfeng, we offer a flexible solution designed for higher mix/low to medium volume production.  We can scale from a single unit batch size, through to over 100,000 units per month, with varying product configurations.

Solutions to Scale

Production within either Ryder facility is unlike other Southern Chinese manufacturing.  Our focus is on long-term partnerships, by offering a low volume/high mix.  A complex assembly model, with scalable results.

Our Shenzhen facility is our headquarters and NPI hub.  This is our central meeting point where our new customers get to know Ryder, our management and our manufacturing capabilities.  It is also where we get to know them and their vision for their product, from concept to customer.

Shenzhen is where most of our electrical and mechanical design engineers sit.  As this facility was our first EMS home, Shenzhen also holds extensive manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.

At Shenzhen, we collaboratively design the product with our customers.  We go through prototyping, NPI, Design for Manufacture (DFM), Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Commercialisation (DFC), continuously reviewing our supply chain for cost.

When production is fulfilled, the product has stabilised, the supply chain is robust and we are ready to scale, we seamlessly transfer manufacturing to our Xinfeng facility.

The relationships formed and nurtured at this point are not lost.  The Customer Focus Team and/or the Business Unit follows the customer on their journey to growth.


Two facilities with a total of 93,000 sq. metres (1,000,000 sq. ft.) factory floor space. Operations in Shenzhen and Xinfeng, Southern China.


– Super-efficient SMT Machines handling up to 01005 packages (Pb-free ready)

– Fine pitch SMT BGA and Chip on Board assembly; COB Facilities and Clean Room Environment

– PCBA assembly lines

– Casing assembly lines

– Bar-code traceability system



– 01005s/ 0201s

– 9 SMT lines

– Flexible PCB

– Ultra-Fine Pitch/0.4mm

– X-Ray inspection



– Solder paste inspection



– 74 injection machines

– 20 – 500 tons clamping force

– In-house tool maintenance workshop

– Double shot moulding

– Auto spraying painting machines

– Silk-screening machines

– UV coating machine

– Laser engraving machine

– Cable harness

– Precision parts metal stamping



– 55 assembly lines

– 2,400 production operators in 2 factories

– 50,000 pcs daily output

– Dedicated production floor

Vertical Integration

We have developed the Vertical Integration (VI) capabilities required to nurture and grow with our OEM partners and we have invested resources to build a locally sourced, robust supply chain network, which exists within a two-hour drive of the corridor between our two facilities.

We Chinese always like to push ourselves, we are not a complacent culture.  We call ourselves an EMS, but we are really a Manufacturing Service Provider (MSP), and electronics is simply one of the component parts within our value chain of;


– Cable harness

– Laser engraving

– Metal stamping


– Plastics Injection moulding

– Sheet metal fabrication

– Silkscreen printing

– Spray painting

– Tooling

– UV coating

– Wooden cabinet making


For Ryder, this offering means it’s not simply about PCBA, but EMS+.

We have continued to add to our VI capabilities as we have naturally evolved. For example, our latest investment in our colour centre allows us to develop a capability to mix any colour tone our customer, or our customer’s end-customer brand logo requires. We continuously evolve to meet our customers growing needs.

Inspection & Test

Typically, when an OEM customer engages with Ryder, they are looking for more than standard PCBA.

We run x-ray inspection, AOI and solder paste inspection within a controlled manufacturing environment.

Test Equipment

– Automatic Optical Inspection

– Automatic X-Ray Inspection

– Solder Paste Inspection

– In-Circuit Testers

– Spectrum Analyzers

– Network Analyzers

– Digital Signal Generators

– RF Tuning Chambers

– ESD Test System

– Vibration Tester

– Thermal Cycle Chambers

– In-house 3D printer for mock-up samples

– Optical Projector

– Over 100 PC-based test stations and associated

– Jigs for production testing

– Audio precision tester


This is one of the most important requirements for EMS providers, for their OEM customers, especially in the high-reliability markets of automotive and medical.

At Ryder we barcode every product from the beginning of the production lifecycle, when taking receipt of the raw PCB, right the way through to packaging and distribution.  All products are serialised and traceable, even every single component part that we place onto the bare PCB board is married into the PCBA during our manufacturing process.

This provides our OEM customer with the reassurance and guarantees that we can track and trace in a world where data matters.

At Ryder, we empower transparent data collection, utilising knowledge to make intelligent decisions to continuously improve our processes and efficiency.  This allows us to maintain our competitive position in a market where speed counts.