We are effectively a design house within a manufacturing environment, which means we understand the requirements for successful production.

Collaboration is key for successful product design.  We work with our OEM partners to design for manufacture (DFM), design for test (DFT), design for cost (DFC) and design for the end customer.

Learn more about how our design and development are in our DNA.

Our specialist focus helps to speed up design, NPI, prototyping, development and manufacturing, which in turn enables our customers to enter the market quicker.

Electronic Design

As Ryder Industries started life as an Original Equipment Maker (OEM) we invested heavily in engineering.  Precision engineering is in our DNA and has been for over 40 years.

With more than 20 electronics design engineers, we add value throughout the entire production lifecycle and beyond.

In some instances, customers come with a concept and we provide mechanical and electrical design engineering to go through the processes and to place the product into the manufacturing environment.

Mechanical Design

In some instances, customers may have their own expertise in electrical design, but not mechanical, therefore we can offer a hybrid solution, which combines their electrical design with our mechanical specialism.

So, we are flexible, we can work to any engineering solution as we have nurtured, grown and developed the in-house expertise to support any varying customer scenario, at any stage of the production lifecycle and product development.

Engineering Skills

Types of engineering skill within Ryder are:

– Electronic

– Mechanical

– Hardware

– Software