Community Connections

We don’t own the world

We protect it for our children

“We make an incredible impact beyond our factory walls.  One of our company commitments is to be respected by our team and to respect each and every member, as together we make it happen.  We are driven by a code of conduct; respect, recognition, and reward, to be responsible and reliable.

Training and development is a rock function.  We nurture our team within a feel-good environment to encourage everyone to bring our individual and group strengths to the fore.

Most people have been with us for five years plus and enjoy the way we reward and promote from within.  A role within Ryder Industries can be very rewarding as we believe in multi-training to ensure that all team members can develop and grow.

We are fortunate to have strong and collaborative relations with local academia houses and we have put a graduate apprenticeship program in place to ensure that we have a continuous supply of talent for the next generation of technology – engineering our future together.”

Susanna Wu
Human Resources

Social Responsibility

Examples of our social responsibility programmes are:

School Assistance Programme

We have established an outreach programme to support a primary school in the Jiang Xi province, close to our manufacturing facility. We have offered our support as it came to our attention that this establishment lacked the appropriate facilities for the educational needs of the students to be fully met.


Our Commitments:

– The creation of an Information Technology and Learning Room

– The formation of a scholarship programme

– The provision of psychological counselling courses

– The introduction of written and verbal English lessons

– Supporting Young People Initiative

Since 2011 we have funded a scholarship programme in partnership with the Opera Hong Kong. This programme allows 12 children from a poorer social, economic and environmental background in Hong Kong to receive regular choral training and attend a summer camp. It gives them the rare chance to be a part of exciting and dynamic productions, as well as equipping them with skills for life.

For many years we have worked in association with The Leprosy Project of Sichuan. The project covers nine leprosy villages. There are approximately 1,700 villagers in these villages, of whom 440 are affected by leprosy.  Our main collaborative aims are:

– To improve the early detection of leprosy

– To provide training and self-help guidance

– To support family and friends

Environmental Responsibility

We are an ISO14001 certified company and we are committed to conducting our business in a manner that delivers continuous improvement in environmental performance and protects the quality of communities where we operate.

Read about how we lead the way in environmental protection here.

Watch our environmental directive video here.

Some of Ryder Industries green initiatives:

Underground reservoirs were developed across the entire Xin Feng campus as part of the initial facility build. Rainwater is harvested and collected within these reservoirs which feeds into a recycling plant, allowing the water to be reused for toilet flushing.

The company operates a ground source climate control system.

Energy is also recovered from pneumatic compressors and a solar thermal hot water system is run from this source.


We respect all applicable environmental laws, regulations and international agreements, and implement programs and procedures to ensure full compliance.

All new products are designed and specified to comply with environmental directives. Independent proof of compliance is available, including component vendor self–declarations of conformity for each component type.

Suppliers to Ryder Industries must comply with ROHS requirements and are responsible for ensuring that their component suppliers also provide proof of conformity. Component suppliers must also be able to demonstrate compliance with the latest environmental regulations, WEEE and PFOS.